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Aroma Inhaler - Blank

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Add your own blend of essential oils to make your own unique aromatherapy inhaler
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Add your own blend of essential oils to this blank aroma inhaler to create a unique aromatherapy inhaler just for you.

These handy little sticks are a great way to take the benefits of essential oils on the go.  These sticks are about the same size as a chap stick or lipstick so they easily fit into your pocket, purse, briefcase or car.

How Does it work?

When you breathe in the aroma of the oil, smell receptors in the olfactory system receive the tiny aroma molecules and send signals to the limbic system of the brain.  That is the area of the brain that controls emotions and memory.  The limbic system is also connected to area of the brain that control, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, hormone balance and stress levels.


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